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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

Class Aims 2017/18

Our aims in Literacy, Numeracy and Behaviour are:

  • To develop Talking and Listening Skills through a range of teaching strategies.
  • To develop creative vocabulary throughout all areas of learning. 
  • To develop our understanding of Mathematical Language.
  • To develop our Problem Solving skills in Numeracy.
  • To encourage best behaviour at all times.
  • To promote a positive attitude towards learning, school and other people.

Using RM Colour Magic

We have been learning and working hard at using the different tools on the RM Colour Magic Programme to create pictures based on our topic of The Woodlands.  This ICT Task also helped us to develop our mouse skills.  Check out the picture below to see some of the wonderful pieces created.

Using RM Colour Magic


Our Class Charter

At the start of Term, we as a class created and agreed on rules that we must all try to follow to help promote a happy and positive environment and to keep us safe.


Our Class Charter:

  • We will try to always use our manners.
  • We will try to always have a positive attitude.
  • We will try to help others.
  • We will try to keep the classroom neat and tidy.
  • We will try to be kind and nice to others.
  • We will try to behave at all times.
  • We won't talk when others are talking.  We will listen.
  • We will respect everyone.


Budding Picassos


Class Topic, Term 1 2018/19

Our first Topic this year is on 'The Woodlands.'  We will be exploring the wonderful environment of the forest and finding out about the animals, habitats, food and plants that are found in our local area and far away.  We will learn interesting things through Activity Based Learning, Fact Books, Google, Nature Walks, videos and much much more.  Keep an eye out for the enjoyable tasks to come!


Please remember to bring P.E kits every Monday. Make sure to bring a full P.E kit to change into. Try to avoid football tops as part of your P.E kit.

Primary 3 can just wear appropriate footwear for September sessions.