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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

It's Your Move


P6/7 Football Coaching


P6/7 are taking part in football coaching for the next 6 Fridays. This is taken by a teacher and a number of pupils from Dunclug College. The pupils have really enjoyed the activities and matches that they have been able to play.


Inov-8 Science and Technology Day


P6/7 School Fun Challenge


Hot Seating


P6/7 have been exploring the novel 'Wonder'. As part of our work the class participated in a hot seating activity. This involved a number of pupils getting into character and answer questions prepared from the class as if they were the characters from the novel. The pupils really enjoyed this task. I was really impressed with their creativity of questions and their imagination when they role played the particular characters.


Arctic Art


Science in P6/7


P6/7 have been learning all about the Oceans as part of their topic work. The class have been exploring the Arctic Ocean. As part of this topic we looked at ice and how ice can be melted. P6/7 carried our an ice egg experiment to find out the best way to melt ice. The class made predictions and then they carried out the experiment. The class learnt a lot about how ice melts and the best way to melt ice. We also looked at using salt on ice and how that affects how it looks and feels. We used food colouring to help us to see the way salt affects ice.


Christmas Fun in P6/7


P6/7 had lots of fun with these props at their Christmas Party!


Maths Facts with P6/7


One of our whole school aims this year is to improve our knowledge and understanding of Maths Facts. This involves working really hard at learning various Maths Facts in school and at home so we can use them effectively to complete all areas of Numeracy. 

The Maths Facts we have been studying so far in P6/7 this year are number facts such as place value, odd/even numbers, square numbers, cube numbers, factors, multiples and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

Each pupil has also been keeping a Maths Facts book which each new Maths Fact we revise/learn is added into and we can use these books to help us learn our Maths Facts or to help with our work. 

These pictures show some of the activities we have been carrying out such as whole class games where we have to be consistently thinking about Maths Facts and we have also used cubes to help us with learning about long division. 


First Aid/Heartstart with P6/7


From September to December, P6/7 were working towards achieving Levels 2 and 3 in Heartstart by developing their First Aid/Heartstart skills every Friday afternoon.

The pupils looked at a variety of areas associated with First Aid and Heartstart such as first aid kits, making an emergency 999 call, heavy bleeding, suspected heart attack, choking, recovery position, CPR. Through discussion and practical activities each week, all pupils were able to successfully develop their skills.

All P6 pupils achieved Level 2 in Heartstart whilst all P7 pupils achieved Level 3 in Heartstart. The children were presented with certificates for attaining these awards in assembly - well done P6/7! 


Northern Ireland Electricity Session with P5-P7


P5-P7 recently enjoyed a session with Northern Ireland Electricity where they learned how electricity is produced, used and about electricity safety.


Basketball with P6/7


P6/7 have recently been developing their basketball skills. They have been taking part in a range of activities to strengthen their ball control, bouncing, attack and defence skills. The pupils have also been practicing their throwing, catching and shooting skills.

The pupils have been working positively with each other in pairs and small groups for these activities. We are hoping to develop our physical and teamwork skills further over the next few weeks so we will be ready to participate in some Basketball games soon! 


Long Multiplication in P6/7


P6/7 have recently been revising their knowledge of Multiplication with particular focus on developing their skills with Long Multiplication.

We have been exploring different long multiplication methods and after completing some independent work, the pupils had the opportunity to discuss their approaches to completing long multiplication with the rest of the class by using the computer and Interactive Whiteboard.

All pupils did a great job of explaining the steps they took to complete each question and displayed their calculations correctly using the computer and Interactive Whiteboard.

This activity showed all pupils how different approaches can be taken with mathematical processes which is an area we will be focusing on within different aspects of Numeracy throughout the year. 


November - December 2017

November and December will be very busy months for P6/7. Each day, we are rehearsing for our nativity performance and Choir members will be performing at various venues in Ballymena throughout the term.

We are continuing to learn about the Titanic and will be looking more closely at emigration and the use of ships in the world today. 

In Literacy, we are going to be working hard at developing our Comprehension skills, improving our use of Punctuation and will be completing writing activities based on our Titanic topic. 

In Numeracy, we are going to be focusing on division, learning more Maths Facts and will be developing our Data handling skills. 


Halloween in P6/7


On Friday 27th October, P6/7 enjoyed participating in a range of Halloween themed activities. These included creating 3d pumpkins, Halloween art and a Halloween Party where the pupils enjoyed a few treats and played some games. 




Sustrans in P6/7


To start off our work with Sustrans this year, P6/7 received a lesson from Johnny McCrystal - our Sustrans School Officer based on the history of bicycles. The pupils learned about the importance of bicycles to society and how bicycles have developed over time. 

P6/7 then worked in pairs to design their own, 'Bikes of the future' which they presented to the rest of the class. All pupils had lots of creative ideas!


P6/7 Presentations


Every Friday, one pupil is chosen from P6/7 to present a possession/some possessions to the rest of the class.

Each pupil is encouraged to bring in something which they can inform the class about for a sustained period of time. The audience have the opportunity to ask the speaker a range of questions afterwards.

P6/7 have shown great enthusiasm for carrying out their presentations and overall, they will positively contribute to developing their verbal and non-verbal communication skills!


The World Around Us in P6/7


John, Michelle and JJ McPeake very kindly brought in their radio equipment to teach P6/7 about the radio technology used on the Titanic - our current World Around Us topic.

Pupils were able to closely observe a radio similar to the one used on the ship alongside some modern radio equipment. 

All pupils had the opportunity to practice using morse code to sound out the, 'SOS' signal which was used aboard the Titanic when disaster struck. 

This information session was greatly enjoyed by myself and P6/7 and has been a valuable contribution to developing our knowledge and understanding of the use of radio and communication on the Titanic. A big thank you to John, Michelle and JJ for this fantastic session!


Numeracy in P6/7


P6/7 have been revising Place Value in Numeracy recently and have been getting lots of fun practice creating different numbers with, 'Place Value Sliders'.


September - October 2017

Our World Around Us theme for Term One is, 'Titanic'. We will be analysing evidence and researching what life was like in the early 1900s during the time period surrounding the Titanic. We will be exploring the lives of people in Belfast at this time in depth and will examine the importance of Harland and Wolff with the building of the ship. We will be learning about the features of the Titanic, what caused the ship to sink and will increase our understanding of the diversity in the passenger’s lives and effects of the disaster through Drama, Writing and Art activities. We will be reading, ‘Titanic – I was there’ as our class novel for this topic which will inform us about the experiences of a young girl and her mother as they travel on the Titanic as third class passengers. We will also be learning about the importance and uses of oceans and ships in the world today alongside the progress of emigration.

In Literacy we will be revising nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and various aspects of Grammar and Punctuation. We will also be completing some writing activities based on our topic such as letter writing, diary entries and character studies.

In Numeracy we will be focusing on place value, rounding and ordering numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be working hard to improve our Mental Maths and problem solving skills.


P6/7 Class Information

Welcome to our P6/7 page!

Our class teacher is Miss S Cameron and our classroom assistant is Denise. We hope this page will give you an insight into life in P6/7. Keep an eye on the photo galleries to see what we get up to throughout the year!

Your child should come fully prepared for school each day, it is important that they become more independent in P6/7 and take responsibility for their daily organisation. P6/7 must bring their PE kit every Tuesday and their school library book every Wednesday.

Homework is an important part of your child's learning. From Monday to Thursday, your child will have Spellings and Maths Facts to practice and learn, reading to complete and Literacy or Numeracy Homework. Literacy Homework is completed on Monday and Wednesday nights and Numeracy Homework is completed on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Thursday evenings your child is encouraged to revise all learned Spellings and Maths Facts for their Friday Test.

Here are some ways you can help your child with their homework:
• Listen to them read and ask some questions about what they've read
• Ask them their Spellings and Maths Facts
• Ask some questions about what they've been learning at school
• Ask some questions about their Literacy and Numeracy Homework
• Check that their homework is completed well and signed

If you feel your child has found their homework difficult or is unsure about their homework, please put a note on it and I will be able to go over it with them the next day.