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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

What's our Role?


We meet on Tuesdays at lunchtime with Mrs Spence to discuss a variety of issues. If you have any ideas you would like us to consider then please speak to one of our members.


Guess How Many Eggs?

The school council are running an Easter themed fundraiser event in school. During the next few weeks the pupils will get the chance to guess how many chocolate eggs are in the Easter jar. The winner will be the person who guesses the correct amount or the closest to it. They will win the jar of chocolate eggs!


School Council 2017/18

Here we have the 6 members of our School Council.

P7 Reps: Scott Hamilton & Jayden Mee

P6 Reps: Aaliyah Boyd & Kenzie Maitland,

P5 Reps: Max Graham & Oscar Wilson


Poppy Appeal 2017


The School Council were a great help with this year's Poppy Appeal by taking the poppy box around each class in pairs.

Pupils from P1-P7 made donations to attain poppies and had the opportunity to wear them to our Remembrance assembly which took place on Friday 10th November.


School Council £1 Sale


On Thursday 19th October, the School Council held a very successful £1 sale. It was so popular that all pupils were given another opportunity to buy items on Friday 20th too!

The pupils purchased a range of donated items such as jewellery, DVDs, toys, books and accessories and all sale proceeds have positively contributed to raising our school funds!

The School Council members did a fantastic job with creating posters to advertise the sale, organising resources and assisting pupils with their purchases. 

Miss Cameron and the School Council would like to thank everyone for all donations and support for the sale - a really great start to the school year with the success of this first event!


School Council Meetings


At these meetings, we discuss a range of school issues and suggest our ideas for changes/developments within school and events throughout the year such as school fundraising initiatives, themes for non-uniform days, ideas for whole school fun days/treats.